Daily transport and delivery to our clients.

Publishing works, in coeditions, markup and print out.

Logistics for our publishers thant need to make deliveries to their direct clients or subscribers, carrying out the whole process.

Exportation. We send any book published in Spain to any part of the world, to distributors, bookshops, entities or individuals.

  • We do noy have a minimun order
  • We group orders of different publishing companies in only one invoive, with only one customs proceedings.
  • We deal with the orders as the client wants: air or sea cargo (conventional, batch or containers), land transport, courier or post.
  • We work with the main Spanish forwarding agents.


Ministerio de Cultura - Gobierno de España
Publicado con una subvención de la Dirección General del Libro, Archivos y Bibliotecas del Ministerio de Cultura